Joel Dullard

Deputy director

Joel is a saxophone specialist who teaches woodwind and conducts ensembles at secondary schools in Melbourne. He has a BMus and a BTeach from the University of Melbourne, where he studied saxophone with Barry Cockcroft, Ian Godfrey and Michael Lichnovsky. He has performed extensively in Australia, Asia (Malaysia, Japan) and Europe (Germany, Sweden, Denmark and the United Kingdom) in both classical and jazz styles. His broad musical interests span from early music to contemporary electronic music. Joel first attended Border Music Camp as a student in 1995, and it was at this Camp that he met his future wife Bronwen. Their baby daughter, who is adorable, owns a T-shirt that says 'Dad met Mum at Border'. Since joining the staff in 2005, Joel’s roles have included tutoring saxophone, leading the Experimental Music ensemble, conducting Pringle, being deputy director, and, of course, inventing the word DWOTOG.